Charles T. Church (Shu Swamp)

    After a visit to Shu Swamp in May, 1997, the 4K class of the Locust Valley Intermediate School wrote, "Shu Swamp is a magical and beautiful place that can renew anyone's sense of wonder. In a world that separates us from nature, Shu Swamp is a place to renew the connection."
    Indeed, Shu Swamp (Shu is an old Dutch word that means cascading waters) is a magical place; a wooded wetland of towering Tulip trees, Red Maples, and Tupelo, fed by many springs and seeps. Beaver Brook flows through it and is home to Brown Trout, Sticklebacks, and the rare American Brook Lamprey.
    The swamp's high-quality environment is also home to an amazing number of ephemeral spring flowers such as Trout lily, Marsh Marigold, Dwarf Ginseng, Spring Beauty and many more. An abundance of ferns as well as rare plans, such as the shrub 'Hearts-a-Bustin', found nowhere else in New York State, can be found here. The shallow pond provides mud flats for shore birds and the tall trees a habitat for nesting Great Horned Owls and Wood Ducks. Mink and Muskrats have at time used the waterways.
    The sanctuary is on Frost Mill Road just south of the L.I.R.R. overpass and is open to the public everyday but Friday.

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Shu Swamp Stream 2012


Mallards Resting

Poison Sumac Rhus Vernix

Blackwing Damselfly Calopterys Masulata

Brook Lamprey, American