Underwriting Opportunities

NSWS is considering a few large-scale, long-range, and ambitious initiatives which will require significant funding and coordination on many levels (legal, legislative, financial, etc.). If you are interested in learning more about these initiatives, please direct your inquiry to our President, Robert Deans, through the website contact us page.

At the same time, NSWS will be spending funds on several specific projects which are scheduled for the near future. Opportunities to help offset expenses by underwriting this work include:


Installation of active cameras in the preserves to record the wildlife. Cameras will be located adjacent to osprey nests, near ponds and rivers, and in the forests. They will be connected to the internet and our website so that visitors can view these animals without intruding on their activities.


Removal of invasive species and reintroduction of native plants. This work will be focused in Shu Swamp and Coffin Woods.


Supporting the Spring and Fall fundraising events.


Trail maintenance and pond restoration. There is ongoing work required to mitigate erosion (in Coffin Woods), maintain the walkways (in Shu Swamp), and restore ponds in both preserves.


Updating the informational kiosks. Updated maps and other informational material will be posted in the kiosks at Shu Swamp and Coffin Woods. In addition, trail signage will be installed throughout both preserves.

Please contact NSWS directly if you are interested in underwriting a project.