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Environmental changes are inevitable as is evident from the historical archives of photographs and maps over the past 100 years. At the same time, it is possible to set aside parcels of land to preserve not only the native species but also the unique ambience and beauty of our community.

North Shore Wildlife Sanctuary relies on volunteers to maintain its properties. NSWS also depends on donations from neighbors, friends, and visitors to fund its operations.

Donations can be made on this website or by sending contributions to the mailing address. Additional support can be made as memorial contributions, by donating stock, by including NSWS in your estate planning, by transferring ownership of land, or by making a donation as a gift for someone.

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Memorial Contributions
Gifts can be made to honor the memory of someone significant. Upon request, NSWS will notify the family. Please make note of your wishes in the message field on the form below.

Gift Memberships
Gift recipients will receive notice of their membership in NSWS and your donation will help NSWS and perhaps also inspire the recipient(s) to support conservation efforts. Please let us know who the gift membership is for in the message field on the form below.

Donations of Appreciated Stock
Donations of appreciated stock are a tax-efficient way to make contributions. Transfer of stocks is usually a simple process. If you are interested in donating stock, please contact NSWS directly.

Estate Planning
Including NSWS in your estate plans is an effective method to help NSWS meet its endowment and stewardship objectives. If you have already provided for NSWS in your plans (or if you are considering this option), please contact NSWS directly.

Donations of Land
Land donated to NSWS is retained in perpetuity in its natural state. It is not sold or traded. If you are considering a donation of land, please contact NSWS directly.

Underwriting Opportunities

NSWS is considering a few large-scale, long-range, and ambitious initiatives which will require significant funding and coordination on many levels (legal, legislative, financial, etc.). For more information please see our Underwriting Opportunities.

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